Infrastructure security solutions

Nemtek provides a range of hardware, software and energizer designs to ensure that reliable, high security solutions are available to meet your infrastructure security needs. It is vital to protect Government facilities and critical infrastructures such as power distribution facilities, water reservoirs, transport depots, pumping stations and gas pipelines, because disruptions or interferences to these can have large-scale implications for governments, cities and the community as a whole.

Nemtek's range of products can be integrated with other technologies such as cameras, and sites can also be remotely accessed and monitored. Our vast experience and expertise in implementing security solutions for sites located in many different parts of the world, including prisons, airports, naval bases, border fences, embassies, mints and money distribution points, have made Nemtek a trusted name in the security solutions sector.

Case studies


A solar electric security fence for a power utility company

A power utility company based in Johannesburg needed a solar electric security fence solution for one of their sites which did not have any power on the perimeter. They wanted to use the latest digital technology to monitor their fence remotely.

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Electric security fence protects Ransom Wood Industrial Park Solar Farm

Nemtek was approached by Michael Cannon of Ransom Wood Industrial Park to secure their recently built Solar Farm, which is being used to power their industrial units and offices, thus reducing their outgoings and carbon footprint.

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