Equine & Pet solutions

Nemtek provides a range of electric fencing solutions to confine and secure family pets, from dogs and cats, through to horses. Our Equine solutions also cater to a range of farm sizes, whether a professional or a simple lifestyle farm.

Nemtek’s Equine fencing solutions will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your horses are safe from unwanted predators and free from injury from rusted barbed wire. The colours used in Nemtek’s Equine range are highly visible to horses, thus reducing accidents.

Nemtek's solar powered Pet Stop solution is ideal for keeping your family dog or cat away from your garden, flower beds, or refuse areas. It is very easy and quick to install, and your pets will quickly learn not to go near the fence.

Case studies


Solar powered electric fence secures family horse paddock

For my daughters 13th birthday, my husband and I decided to buy her a horse. After a long search we found the perfect brown coloured filly. Mary, the horse, was quite adventurous and kept escaping from the paddock.

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Solar electric fence protects garden from family's dogs

Two years ago I moved into a house which had beautiful landscapes and garden beds. With the new surrounding my 2 dogs decided they needed to mark their territory by digging up and destroying the gardens. After a number of attempts to replant flowers and seedlings the saga continued. It was time to come up with another solution as I was wasting my time and money.

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