Hybrid compression spring

Hybrid compression spring

Hybrid compression spring
Hybrid compression spring
Hybrid compression spring

Product details

The hybrid nylon tensioners offer what the compression spring and the mini nylon titan have to offer in one easy to use system.

These tensioners offer the following features:
* a combination of a compression spring to compress and expand as required and
* a mini titan to tension any slack that has been created over time
• a nylon plastic inner which eliminates galvanic reaction between dissimilar metal thus reducing rust and increasing the life of the wire

They are available in a standard tension (silver) spring which can tension 1.2 mm wires and a heavy tension (gold) spring which can tension up to 1.6 mm wires.

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Stock Code Name Description
ES-CNT2HB Hybrid compression spring Comp 2 Hybrid (8kg gold) Nylon black
ES-CNT3HB Hybrid compression spring Comp 3 Hybrid (15kg silver) Nylon black
ES-CNTHB Hybrid compression spring Comp 1 Hybrid (5kg silver) Nylon black

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