Taut wire node controller

Taut wire node controller

Taut wire node controller

Product details

The Nemtek Taut Wire node controller provides a communication interface to the Nemtek Taut Wire (TW) sensors and any other third-party security systems. Two separate sensor input channels are provided – each capable of accommodating up to 31 TW sensors.
The TW node controller can be easily configured and programmed. This can be done by using the on-board OLED display, push buttons and jumpers Description provided. Alternatively, the configuration software tools can be used to configure the TW node controller and also programme the individual TW sensor sensitivities.
There are two variations to the TW node controller. The TW Node1 (E-TW/NODE1) can communicate and interface to third-party security systems through an ethernet port (Nemlink) on a network.
The second variety of TW node controller, the TW Node2 (E-TW/NODE2) can communicate and interface to the third-party security systems through the two relays provided.

• Robust surge protection is included on all inputs and outputs
• 2 relay outputs
• 3 sets of communications debug LED indicators for TX and RX
• 1 power-on LED indicator
• Temperature and supply-voltage-level monitoring can be reported
• Up to 31 TW sensors per channel
• Removable connectors ease replacement
• Designed to mount into a Nemtek battery-backed power pack (PP-2.0AMP)


Size : L140mm x W110mm x H22mm
Weight : ~170g
Power supply: 10V – 15Vdc
Current consumption (ethernet option (Nemlink), E-TW/NODE1): 300mA 40mA per energised relay 9mA per TW sensor
Current consumption (relay only option, E-TW/NODE2): 220mA 40mA per energised relay 9mA per TW sensor
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Stock Code Name Description
E-TW/NODE1 Taut wire node controller TW-Node 1 Network Control - 62(Nemlink)
E-TW/NODE2 Taut wire node controller TW-Node 2 Relay Control - 62(relay out)

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