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Agri 1 solar energizer with internal battery

Agri 3 solar with internal battery

Agri 5 solar with internal battery

Agri 8 solar with internal battery

Agri energizer - 10 km

Agri energizer - 10 km Solar

Agri energizer - 20 km

Agri energizer - 25 km solar

Agri energizer - 30 km

Agri energizer - 5 km

Agri energizer - 50 km

Agri energizer - 50 km solar

Brochures animal management

Brochures security electric fencing

Buckle joiner for the 40 mm tapes

Busbar insulator

Compression spring standard and medium tension

Cortech Management System

Cut out switch

Double Pole Lightning Protection

Druid 114LCD

Druid 24 LCD energizer

Druid 25LCD


Druid controller FG7

Druid four-zone keypad

Druid Nemlink card-energizer and FG

Druid Nemlink card-network IO

Druid network IO card

Druid relay expansion card

Druid RS485 comms card

Druid single zone keypad

Druid synchronisation module

Earth spike/stake-copper clad

Earth spike/stake-galvanised

Fence Scope Multi tool

Fiber Optic Communication Card

Galvanised spring 3.5 m

Gate handle 40 mm wide poly tape kit

Gate handle with spring - 1.5 m

Heavy duty sliding gate contact

Heavy duty sliding gate contact bracket

Horse energizer - 5 km

Horse energizer -10 km

Horse energizer -20 km with LCD remote

Intermediate posts-Nemtek picket insulators- HDG

Intermediate Y posts-Nemtek picket

Mains power adaptor 12VDC

Merlin 9 zone

Merlin M113

Merlin M15

Merlin M18

Merlin M25 M28

Mimic panel Sage

Modulus and Jurassic hooks

Modulus corner and end bracket - 3 way

Modulus end cap for the 2 way Modulus brackets

Modulus end cap for the 3 way Modulus brackets

Modulus intermidiate brackets - 2 way

Modulus mounting bracket

Modulus slide insulators

Modulus space insulator

Modulus stay and lug-fibreglass

Multi-mode fibre convertor

Mylar screen 3 core cable

Nemtek Druid fence probe software

Omega brackets - end and corner

Omega posts - intermediate

Omega wall and tube spacer

Pet energizer - 3 km

Pigtail fencing brackets

Remote - Agri/Equine LCD remote

RS485 Communication Card

Single Pole Lightning Protection

Single-mode fibre convertors

Solar module 10 W

Solar module 10 W for Agri 10 solar energizer

Solar module 140 W

Solar module 20 W for Agri 20 solar energizer

Solar module 20W

Solar module 3W

Solar module 40W

Solar module 90 W

Solar panel mounting bracket

Solar panel wire 2.5 mm

Solar panel wire 6 mm

Solar Regulators with LCD display

Solid Aluminium Alloy Agri wires

Solid Aluminium Alloy Sec wire

Solid galvanised

Solid stainless steel

Stranded Aluminium Alloy agri wire

Stranded aluminium alloy security wire

Stranded galvanised

Stranded stainless steel

Taut wire controller FG7

Taut wire sensor

Taut wire sensor dummy

Taut wire system FG7

Tread in posts - 1200 mm black

Tread in posts - 1200 mm white

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