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Solar Regulator

Solar Regulator

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Two wall mount solar regulator models are available, the 10 Amp and 15 Amp. They can be set to operate on a voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC. The 10 Amp regulator is used with solar panels up to 120 Watts and the 15 Amp regulator up to 180 Watt panels.
These efficient Nemtek LCD solar controllers will minimise power losses when regulating the voltage while charging the battery. The regulator is equipped with various devices to protect its electronics and will record and display information such as battery voltage, charging current, load current, battery charging and discharging on the LCD. They are ideally suited for electric fencing that requires solar panels and batteries in remote areas.


Maximum charge current: 10A model and 15A model
Maximum load current: 10A/15A
Maximum consumption current: 12mA
Final charging voltage (floating charge): Liquid: 13.9V/27.8V Gel: 14.1V/28.2V
Fastest charge voltage: 14.4V / 28.8V (2:00h)
Even charge (except gel battery) : 14.7V / 29.4V (2:00h)
DOD recovery value (SOC/LVR): >50% SOC (12.6V / 25.2V)
DOD protecting value (SOC/LCD): <30% SOC (11.1V / 22.2V)
Operating temperature: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius
Weight and dimensions : 0.35kg, 187 x 96 x 44 mm
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Stock Code Name Description
SOL-PCS10-24C Solar Regulator Solar Regulator - 10A - 12V to 24V - LCD
SOL-PCS15-24C Solar Regulator Solar Regulator - 15A - 12V to 24V - LCD

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