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Strain insulator - Ultra

Nemtek strain insulators are used at the begining or at the end of an electric fence wire run. The strain insulator - Ultra is suitable for fence wire diameters up to 2.5 mm and a working load of 40 kgs. The strain insulator Ultra hardened is sutable for wire diameter of 3 mm and a working load of 140 kgs

The strainer insulator - Ultra is available in black or white and the Ultra hardened in black only. Only virgin materials are used in their manufacture which are designed for a long life. They allow for larger creepage distance to reduce power loss.


Virgin plastics: UV stabilised for external use.
Colours: Black and white and only black for the Ultra hardend
Working max load: 40 kgs for the Ultra
140 kgs for the Ultra hardend

Please contact us for more information and your nearest stockist.

Stock Code Name
EI-STB/R Strain Ultra Insulator - Black (Sold in units of 50)
EI-STB/R/H Strain Ultra Hardened Insulator - Black
EI-STW/R Strain Ultra Insulator - White

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