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Intermediate posts-Nemtek picket insulators

These intermediate post/pickets are used with the picket insulators.The picket insulators are used for quicker and easier installations.

The posts are available in the following size:

  • 11 wire, 11 holes (100mm spacing), 1.2 meter high fence.This post is 1.5 meter in total length.
  • 20 wire, 20 holes (100mm spacing), 2.0 meter high fence.This post is 2.4 meter in total length.
  • 24 wire, 24 holes (100mm spacing), 2.4 meter high fence.This post is 3.0 meter in total length.


Bitumen coated
Available in 1.5m, 2.4m , 3.0 m length
Weight:2.04 kg per metre.
Associated insulators:picket

Please contact us for more information and your nearest stockist.

Stock Code Name
EY-Y15NB Free Stand-Nemtek-Y-Picket-1.5m-Bitu-11mm
EY-Y24NB Free Stand-Nemtek-Y-Picket-2.4m-Bitu-11mm
EY-Y30NB Free Stand-Nemtek-Y-Picket-3.0m-Bitu-11mm

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