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Security Products

Deter, Detect, Delay. A high voltage shock combined with a physical electric fence barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence.

The detecting ability and power of a Nemtek electric fence energizer will give an alarm when the perimeter of the property being protected has been infiltrated.

By keeping the perimeter protected using an electric fence, the attempted break in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.

Alarm communication cable

These cables are used with alarm systems, intercoms and to connect the keypad to the energiser. There are two types available : solid and stranded. These cables are available in 4 core, 6 core, 8 core, 10 core and 12 core. The 3 core Mylar cable...

A-series high tension insulated cables

The A-series high voltage electric fencing insulated cable is used as a lead out cable from your energizer to the fence and for all other insulated high voltage transmissions. It is used with a range of aluminium wires and galvanised earth...
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